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Designing Rothko-esque focal points out of clay

Our creative process involves crafting square-shaped ceramic tablets, drawing inspiration from Mark Rothko's mastery of color transitions. In our pursuit, we employ clay as our medium, exploring the unique ability of this material to undergo its own subtle transitions. We aim to capture the essence of color passings in a tangible and enduring form.

It's waiting its time to go under the glazing process.

Ceramic glazing and color are closely intertwined aspects of pottery and ceramics. Glazing involves applying a thin layer of glassy material to the surface of a ceramic object, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. In terms of color, glazes play a significant role in determining the final hue and visual character of the ceramic piece. Different glaze compositions can result in a range of colors and textures, influencing the overall appearance of the object. Artists and potters often experiment with glaze formulas to achieve desired color effects, with factors like chemical composition, firing temperature, and application techniques influencing the outcome. The interaction between ceramic glazing and color is a nuanced and deliberate process in the creation of diverse and visually appealing ceramic works.

Here's the current stage of this collaborative work:

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