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H., designs concepts and applications intersecting technology and music, with a BSc. in engineering and higher education in electronic music (Bilkent Uni. // Middlesex Uni - PB Music School). He has exhibited collaborative and individual works in venues such as Erimtan Museum, Art-Ankara and similar gatherings across Turkey, Europe and UK.

H. studied machine learning applications in art, presenting works for a Ph.D. art program (Hacettepe Uni.). His recent work focuses on training machine-learning models to enhance real-time experiences in responsive environments.

H. established Woodroom in Ankara as a collaborative workspace designed to facilitate experimentation with alternative musical expression techniques. Woodroom hosts occasional improv sessions and accommodates various artistic endeavors. H. is and has been an active member of multiple communities (L&L, Umbrela, Omana, etc.)

He has been experimenting with smart systems for agricultural solutions, cultivating a small orchid field in the country-side.

H. plays electronic music.



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