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Here's what I loosely aim for with all my projects:

Güncelleme tarihi: 27 Kas 2023

I was fascinated when I first saw Transformers as a teenager, particularly to the scene when the yellow car turns into a robot and talks for the first time by tuning in to different radio stations sequentially to generate meaningful responses. Multiple times in my life I’ve asked myself whether it is achievable. One of those times was me listening to the sounds Cildo Meireles’ Babel in Tate Modern makes, remembering nothing but that scene alone from the movie years later.

Maybe - I thought - constant monitoring of all stations and possibly recording them into a buffer in case there’s a chance of using them in a possible conversation during the memory period. Or if it actually speaks through live radio, then it must receive and interpret all the information before the actual RF signal arrives at its receiver. I can go on.

So far, all my projects seem like small organs and parts for such a bringing-forth (poeisis) of a musical complexity from my perspective.

It’s astonishing how many approaches can be thought of on this feature of Bumblebee.

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